Last weeks

Over the last few weeks I haven't had much chance to update the blog. I have been concentrating on my making and finishing and taking full advantage of the workshops.

Last time I left the blog it was during the easter holiday, which wasn't much of a holiday really as I spent alot of time hand lapping Sven who was being dificult and kept chipping which was rather annoying. I had pollished up to 220 on the flat beds then when to 320 grit hand lapping on sheet glass forgetting that the flat beds arnt (flat that is, or beds really, I wouldn't want to sleep on them they don't look very comfortable), so after a couple of days on 320 and not really getting anywhere I found out some 80 grit and pretty much started all over again. Once I had managed to get it glass flat on 80, 120, 220, 320 were a lot easier and by the end of the holiday I had managed to get to 600. I think it would have been a lot easier working in the cold work shop with the linisher to bevel off the edges when they are looking a bit sharp, but insted I was left with some sheets of linisher belt and sanded it down by hand.

Week 10

Duing this week I finished polishing off Sven and organised a setion in the photography studio to get some pictures of my work on a better back ground (not like my makeshift one on the black sugar paper) and have a go a photographing work on a sheet of black glass.

And I have started working on a few newer pieces, so I have plenty to chose from when the degree show comes around. Have been having some problems with my little camera so I'll upload some photos ready for next week.
One of the piece I've been preparing is one of the larger triangles I carved and qel flexed last week, the mould has been steamed and is drying out in the drying cupboard, and as has the plain triangular shape I made last is drying out too, so I need to book myself a few kilns ready for them.

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